Terms of Service for the purchase on our online offers

  1. You can buy only 1 ticket for each calendar month
  2. With the purchase of an article on the website, these terms and conditions are understood and fully accepted.
  3. The items purchased via the online shop will be sent to the buyer by email.
  4. To redeem the received online ticket must be shown digitally or in paper form at the check-in in our club.
  5. Tickets with a reduced price (all tickets except “Regulär”) must be confirmed at the check-in with a valid ID. If the chosen type of ticket does not fit the condition for the reduction, the online discount is invalid, and the costumer has to pay the difference to the normal price of the next applicable category. If he denies to pay the surcharge the bought online ticket will be invalid and not refundable nor exchangeable.
    Bei reduziertem Eintrittspreis (alle ausser “Regulär”-Ticket muss die Auswahl mit einer gültige ID beim Check-In bestätigt werden. Entspricht das gekaufte Ticket nicht den Anforderungen für die Preisreduktion entfällt der Online-Rabatt und es muss auf den normalen Preis der entsprechend anwendbaren Kategorie nachbezahlt werden. Wird auf das Aufzahlen verzichtet besteht kein Anspruch auf Rückerstattung des Online-Tickets.
  6. The purchased ticket is only valid on the day of issue at normal opening hours or until 23:59 for redemption in our club at check-in and entitles the buyer to one entry.
  7. Cancellation, transfer to another date and refund of the purchased online ticket is NOT possible.

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