With our single entry fees you can join the club till we close the doors. 5 towels and 1 coffee or “Grander”-water is included too.

  • Regular      CHF 34       older than 25
  • Teens         CHF 17       16-20
  • Junior         CHF 24       21-25
  • Senior        CHF 29       older than 65
  • Late            CHF 24       from 20:00 hrs
  • Birthday  FREE

Late entry at nightsaunas and special events are only available after 12pm.

Need of an ID
To profit from any type of reduced entry fee you are kindly asked to present a personal ID showing your date of birth when entering.

From your 16th birthday onwards you are welcome to visit our club at meet interesting people.

We kindly ask you to take care of our installations and to immediately report any complaints or strange behaviors of other guests to our staff.
We do not permit snacks and beverages purchased elsewhere.