All our brand new relaxing rooms are fitted with lube, condoms and cleaning paper. The mattresses are covered with a jersey cover which is washed every day with a hygienic product at 90° celsius. This is the best way to offer you a clean and hygienic bed.
During the opening hours we check the rooms and if needed we change the covers of the bed.

In our relax-room section you find

  • 10 bedrooms, all with doors, 1 with a glory hole, 3 with video screen
  • 1 room in a prison look and with a sling
  • 1 “Baise-Odrom”: an darker room with a bed for more people and a bench for the viewers
  • 1 kingsize bed with a magic window: the people inside the room choose if the ones outside can see them or not
  • 1 glory hole cabin with curtains
  • 1 prison cabin with curtains
  • 1 big video screen with a walk-behind-bench
  • 6 benches, 3 of them with video screens
  • 1 restroom

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