The time is near that we celebrate our 40th anniversary with you!

Our program has even been expanded to include an additional DJ artist and we look forward to seeing you there.

If you’d like to get a little preview, you can find the online representation of the respective artists here:

DJ Charles Meyer

Odette Hella’Grand

Suprime Strip
(accompanied by a female guest dancer)


But also the rest of the week is packed with promotions and surprises. You might even visit us every day so you won’t miss anything during this campaign weekūü•≥

Since there were some queries, we would like to explain the campaign for existing subscription customers in more detail:

Only customers who have an active subscription with us up to and including October 28th, 2022 can benefit from the campaign from October 29th up to and including November 04th. 1 reduction per subscription customer in the already active price category.

Our Program: