Saunaclub Sundeck

Dear loyal Sundeck customers
Today at 4 p.m. it has been exactly one year that passed since the day that we will never forget. Back then I asked the present customers to leave our facility and we closed the door for an uncertain period. The following weeks were dominated by uncertainty and nervousness. On June 6th, we were able to welcome our guests again with great pleasure, without knowing how the numbers will develop. 20 weeks later we received the order to close our doors for the second time, which today still remain closed. Since then, we have only been there for you for 133 days.
We survived thanks to the Covid-19 loan granted by the federal government, the courtesy of many suppliers and handyman’s, the additional loan granted by our house bank, my own commitment and of course my fantastic team, Enrico, David, Bruno, Bobby, Sandro and Nicolas. Thank you all very much. And a very big, heartfelt thank you to my predecessor Fredi. Only through his goodwill and renunciation it was and will be possible to keep the Sundeck alive.
After the first closure, I had no other option as to reduce with a heavy heart our team by three staff members. I very much hope that I will not have to take such measures again when we reopen.
We do not yet know when, in what form and with what measures we will be able to reopen. In the Association of Gay Saunas Switzerland VEGAS, a zoom meeting takes place every week, where we share our experiences with the authorities and the situation in general. Currently we are all estimating that it will take a few more weeks before we can open again.
But what we do know is that we need YOU. With regular visits from you and possibly with your friends you help us to survive. We will do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable with us despite any restrictions due to official measures that may apply.
I would also like to thank you for the e-mails from you, which strengthened us during this time.
Hopefully we’ll see you again in the Sundeck soon.
The whole Sundeck team wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful spring with lots of health and zest for life.
Erich Zgraggen
NB: All current subscriptions are valid until the end of 2022