As from the 01.05.2019 the THURSDAYS all TRANS-MEN are very welcome

Are you a trans-men? Are you interested getting known a trans-men?
Every Thursdays we will welcome all trans-men in our club. You can be what you are without being scared that somebody looks at you in a strange way or making some disgusting chokes about your body. We will do everything we can that you can feel yourself secure and comfortable. Meet other transmen here, joying the sunroof, the saunas, drink something or do some fitness.
To all not-trans-men:
Accept the presence of transmen on thursday’s and behave yourself with respect to those guests. We will not tolerate harassment or teasing.
We hope to create a new room for tolerant gay  gays, Bi’s und trans-men.
Please understand that, at the moment, we will grant you access to our club as a transmen if you already made your breast surgery. We will think about opening our club for trans-women as well if there is enough interest from themselves.